Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems in Malvern and the Three Counties

Master Key MalvernA master key system (also called a Master Suite system) is perfect for offices, colleges, schools and flats. Very simply, it’s a high security bespoke lock system where one master key can open ALL the doors.

Here is a great example of how it works:

In a serviced office with lots of companies sharing the building, each tenant needs a key to their office. However, the landlord doesn’t necessarily want to have to keep a set of keys so that he/she can gain access to every single office! This is where we can help.

We’d work out with the landlord who needs access to where, and then we’d design and install a Master Suite system to those requirements. Each tenant would be given a key that enables them to gain access ONLY to the areas required, such as the main entrance and their own individual unit within the building. The landlord’s key can open ALL the doors and he/she has full autonomy over the system.

Unlike other master key systems, the other main benefit of this system in the above example is that the tenants cannot have extra keys cut without the landlord’s permission. The keys are only registered with us, and the manufacturer.

To find out whether a Master Suite system would be right for your premises, please call us on 01684 567070 or email us.